KinderFlute  Program for Beginners

What is Kinderflute?

Kinderflute is an innovative play-based flute program that teaches the student how to play the flute. Kinderflute combines private and group lessons to provide the child the best of both world, the indiviual attention of the private class with the community of a group class. Kids are exposed to all areas of music - reading, listening and writing music. The student will learn how to listen, play notes, produce a beautiful sound, read music, ect. The student will also learn about music theory, history and be expose to keyboard awareness. 

Why Kinderflute?

Playing the flute is fun! I might be a little bias! ;)

Kinderflute boosts lung capacity through breath building games and excercises. The program develops language and comunication skills by learning in a group environment. It also develops fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and provides all the benefits of learning music. Kinderflute develops life skills that are essential for a successful life, like perseverance, grit, focus, problem-solving. 

Are you or your child into sports? Kinderflute is the perfect companion to sports. When the child has bigger lung capacity he or she will be able to be a better athlete. Today's atheletes are combining sports with other disciplines such as music and ballet because they realized how much it benefited them. Read More

Who is suitable for Kinderflute?

Kinderflute is for beginner students ages 4 and up. Yes you read that right! Preschoolers are capable of learning to play the flute. Hurray! Now you have one more option for your preschooler other than piano and violin. 

Do you have a middle or high school flute student that has been playing the flute for more than one year? Then check our Private Flute Lessons.

Kinderflute Homeschool Program:


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