Flute Group Classes for homeschoolers. These classes are small in sizes packed with fun and engaging musical activities.

KinderFlute Homeschool Program

flute lessons

One-on-one flute lessons for those students that want to work on specific musical goals.

Flute Private Lesson


Why? I have always known I wanted to become a musician. There is something magical about taking a sheet of music and being able to bring it to life. Music makes you live in the present and transport you to a magical world.

As a teacher, I strongly believe that music education is vital in the education of any child. There are countless studies done showing all the benefits of musical education- from helping with the development of language and reasoning to spatial intelligence and even higher SAT scores. Who wouldn't want that for their children? Even with all of this, the number one reason I believe in music education is because music teaches life skills that will help the child become successful in anything they do. Music teaches discipline, focus, grit, perseverance, and problem solving. It also helps to develop spatial thinking, responsible risk-taking, intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence and helps build self-confidence. An education without music is not a complete education. I am delighted when a student decides that they want to become a professional musician, but my goal is to provide the students the life skills they need to succeed in life regardless of their chosen vocation.

Sound is at the core of my teachings; after all, what is music if it's no sound? We are all born with a unique sound, and it is my job to help the student find and develop their sound, their voice. In addition to this, the student can expect to learn how to read and analyze music, how to play rhythms correctly and to develop excellent coordination for great finger technique. All while having fun, sparking curiosity, and guiding their inner teacher.

I have struggled my whole musical journey. My first few teachers were not flutists, and even though they taught me a great deal about music-making, they couldn't teach me the foundations of flute playing. Once in college, I realized just how much I really needed to learn. This experience made my journey much more complicated, but it also made me figure things out. Thanks to my past, I can explain and teach with precision how to play the flute. Everything that I do as a teacher is rooted in my experience as a student. I am the teacher that I wish I had when I was growing up.

I am blessed with the ability to be able to recognized and adapt to the student's learning style and personality, helping me connect at a deeper level with the student. For me, it is essential to create a positive and supportive environment where the child can grow and flourish. 

Children learn best through play, and this is why in each lesson we dive into a new adventure where the child's imagination goes wild, our "monster notes" come alive to help us remember the note names, and we put our "thinking caps" on when we need to do some "serious" thinking. Even teen students have serious superpowers to develop to become super flutist and "save the day." Creativity is at the heart of my teaching style.

I expect students to come to lessons prepared and ready to be engaged. I want to work with families that make music education a priority and think it is essential in their child's education. The student must bring their books, flute, and a positive attitude into each lesson, and be ready to learn. If expectations are met, the student will see constant growth in their flute playing ability, and everything they learn will spill into everything they do.


Becoming a musician is a process, but together we will achieve it! 

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